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Crowd-shipping survey! [Help needed]

Discussion in 'Favor Forum' started by Travis_, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. Travis_

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    New Member

    Feb 9, 2017
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    Hello folks!

    You are cordially invited to participate in a short survey if you are living in US or one of the EU countries and at least 18 years old! The survey will take about fifteen minutes. Your opinions and insights are extremely valued.

    Crowd-shipping is the delivery of freight based on the selection of a courier closest to the delivery route. The courier is selected using a crowd-shipping app. We are interested in understanding current and future shipping behavior, as well as the willingness to work as a crowd-shipper. By completing this survey, you will help our research team understand behavior of stakeholders in the logistics market with the available of crowd-sourced app. The information will be used to develop a new system and a business strategy to match with senders’ and couriers’ expectations.

    Follow this link to the survey:

    I greatly appreciate for your valuable time and thank you for your input regarding this subject! Have a great week!

    Tho Le

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    #1 Travis_, Feb 9, 2017
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