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Hello, new member

Discussion in 'Lyft Drivers Forum' started by Steve V, Mar 7, 2018.

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  1. Steve V

    Steve V
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    United States
    Feb 26, 2018
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    Hello everyone. My name is Steve and I have been a customer of both Uber and Lyft for over a year. I am not a spammer, but talking to several drivers, I thought it would be a good idea to help those drivers that received a 1099 for the first time, and even those that have been drivers for longer as well. I have a BA Finance from a Jesuit college in Los Angeles, and have worked on taxes for over 20 years. I am here today to offer help with your taxes. If you go to a bigger tax return preparer, with a 1099 your return can get quite pricey. Since I have met so many drivers in the last 1 1/2 years, and all are really nice, I figure some of you may need help, or may be a little lost and may freeze and not file.
    Fear not friends, I am here to help. I am, also, a small business consultant, and I would recommend that you email me or send a private message so as not to tie up the website. Or if the moderators or ok, and you guys want to ask me questions, I can do a live forum or something. I am based in California, and would probably stick to in state returns only, but I do have the software for 48 states. if you have filed, I will review for free to see if there was something else that could have been done, and if so, I could file a amended return. Anyway, protection of your assets need to be considered, and if you haven't filled out a Schedule C before, fret not, I will be able to help and explain all that pertains to your taxes. I will, also give a discount for all of you, and if you are considered a senior, all the better as a portion of what I make is donated to seniors, to help with both food and clothing. I spend, on average, about $500 a month in rides or more. Two teenagers, my wife doesn't drive, and my eldest gets the car for "important life matters" sort of things. Feel free to ask questions, either on here or via email. I am like your attorney, everything would be confidential. My expertise is in taxes, small business consulting, payroll, protection of your assets, formation of LLC's and corporations, and how to set up a successful business, and then to run it well. I am not an attorney, but I have access to a tax attorney on complex issues. Use me as a resource, and ask questions anytime, it won't cost you anything and if it helps you, more power to it. Thanks for allowing me to be a member, and my office is open, be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about any subject above.

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