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lyft tech app issues?

Discussion in 'Baltimore' started by volcanic ash, Jul 4, 2017.

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  1. volcanic ash

    volcanic ash
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    United States
    Jul 4, 2017
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    I am currently driving for Lyft, unfortunately...anywho
    i want to start a class action lawsuit against lyft for their app costing me rides therefore, costing me a lot of $$$-i am 100% serious. and i am 100% certain i am not alone. together we can win.

    back story- started with lyft in aug. 2016 took some time off between changing from MD to SC then back to MD again after 4 months off in costa rica. i have been dealing with no resolution of multiple tech issues, dating back to january when i first started w them full time. Since then, i have never received anything but cookie cutter, cut, copy, paste emails and terrible to non existent support via their website help center or via email. neither on their phone lines (which I've only been able to reach them maybe 3-4 times and not without the pointed finger of reprimand and condescension for calling). so today, i was in the newly appointed BWI lot for the 3rd day of its existence (which i found by accident because they didn't even inform of it beginning. no email, nothing) and major headache with all the knuckle dragging d-o-u-c-h-ebags up there who have literally killed the price surging, how do these cavemen even pass the mentor session? So, its not even worth while anymore to try and drive there IMO. just today, roughly 6:30 pm, i waited 1hr 10 minutes to go from 15th driver to the 1st driver only to have my app freeze up for the bazillionth time, leading me to do their fraudulent troubleshooting, which, on any normal day, would log me out and sacrifice my place in queue, however on this particular rainy evening of the 4th, every time i logged off and back on, i still remained as the next in line to catch a pax from BWI...but i was never pinged for a pax!?
    never pinged bc my app froze. Now as all of this lasted roughly 40 minutes before i quit, i watched at least a dozen or so cars pass me by in queue as my app still read "1 driver ahead of you" it never changed. not only has this happened, but sitting in this new ridiculous excuse of a lot the navigation locator plot point has been bouncing me all around said lot, and several frustrating times taken me out of queue. is this also happening to you? are any other money losing tech app issues happening to anyone else i can't be alone. even passengers tell me they are presently and in the past having several tech problems with no solution or fix.

    if this has happened to anyone working/driving for lyft please take this 100% serious and leave me contact info to include you in my legal action regarding this type of thing and various other tech app issue related topics such as nav plotter issues, inability to drop off pick up passengers via the app. WAZE affiliate nav issues w communication between Lyft and WAZE issues, etc etc. more of what i have been dealing with will all come to light once i get the charges filed in the proper court. all tech issues, that have frustrated, but most importantly, cost us all money and rides. please only serious responses, i have a huge uphill battle to win bc this is not how you conduct a business and I'm sure all of us "independent contractors/ employees" or whatever the hell they refer to us as so not to be held liable for, "legally"
    i ask anyone who knows or can point me in the direction of legit, legal counsel, please do so i need assistance to make this work. i know i have a case here. but i really need others, in a similar situation to step forward with me.
    thank you for your time and consideration.

    Once again,
    i am very serious and i expect only the serious who want to win a case such as this because its time we take back what has been taken from us. this company only exists bc we, the drivers, have made it so. we have more power than they tell us. Without us, the drivers, there would be no company at all. this can no loner be ignored.
    thank you
    #1 volcanic ash, Jul 4, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
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