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Mexican taxis promise to 'hunt down' Uber drivers

Discussion in 'Mexico City' started by Dreamer, May 29, 2015.

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  1. Dreamer

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    Jan 19, 2015
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    MEXICO CITY — Uber, beware: Mexican taxi drivers will hunt you down.

    A leader of Mexico State's taxi drivers said as much. "We are not going to leave (Uber cars) alone. We are tracking these colleagues and hunting them down," Esteban Meza, who represents about 13,000 cabbies, told the country's top-selling newspaper, El Universal.

    Meza claims his cohort will hand Uber drivers over to the authorities but warned that "without doubt this is going to create big trouble."

    Mexico is the site of the latest turf war since the meteoric rise of car service companies, like Uber, Lyft or Cabify, whose smartphone apps and no-cash payment systems are quickly transforming private transportation internationally.

    Taxi drivers worldwide complain they're losing their livelihood to services they accuse of swerving around traditional license and fare rules. Many are taking legal action, and judges from Brazil to Italy have ruled in the old-school taxis' favor.

    Now some Mexican taxi drivers are promising to take that fight from the court to the street. Past rivalries between competing taxi groups have led to some bloody street battles.

    Another Mexico State taxi leader also said his affiliates were combating the Uber threat on the street.

    "We have detected their presence and taken measures to stop them from coming into this part of Mexico State," said Heriberto Oviedo, who represent thousands of taxi and bus drivers, according to El Universal. He didn't say specify what those measures were.

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