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Payment Issues

Discussion in 'UberEATS Forum' started by tyzier, Jul 5, 2018.

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  1. tyzier

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    Jul 5, 2018
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    I've recently started using uber/eats for about a month now and I've been able to use my prepaid debit card fine for both services, in fact, I can still use my prepaid card fine for regular uber trips but up until recently ubereats has been giving me constant payment issues even with the same card that was working just fine before so when I try to checkout with my prepaid debit card a message now immediately pops up telling me ubereats could not compete order we are unable to process the selected card for this trip I contacted support they tell me the card has been invalidated for further use with uber due to an issue with compatibility with our billing process even though this same card works fine with the regular uber app

    so I decided to link the card to my paypal and just use the paypal option after the card didn't work alone and it worked fine up until a few days ago.

    I tried to checkout with paypal and it takes a few seconds to load and then "Could not complete order Paypal: We are unable to accept this payment method please contact your payment provider.

    again paypal and my card works just fine in the regular uber app

    when I try to add paypal from the ubereats app it takes me to the page to agree to let uber use my paypal and once I hit agree an error message comes up inside of ubereats telling me to please verify that a bank or card is linked to your paypal account which there is and i can delete the paypal method and re add it just fine with the regular uber app but ubereats wont even add my paypal now unless i add through the regular uber app first

    I'm not sure how relevant this part is but here is some extra details that may be relevant idk.
    This paypal issue actually occurred once before ill say about a week ago I had placed an order and the order got canceled probably due to the bad weather that day which i was unaware of ofc, and the next day after the order was canceled my paypal account started giving me these exact same issues but the day after I tried an order with paypal and it went through fine. Now a couple days ago for some reason, another one of my orders got canceled it simply said the courier was unable to deliver my order even though i was tracking the order no one even attempted to pick up the order but it got canceled and all of sudden here comes the payment issues once again and now I currently cant use any of my payment options to order from uber eats
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