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Please help . Need to find a trip from September, it's on My CC but not on Uber App

Discussion in 'Uber Riders Forum' started by PeterOKC, Dec 12, 2016.

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  1. PeterOKC

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    United States
    Dec 12, 2016
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    Thank you for checking out my thread. I am in a bit of a jam due to a miscommunication. I dropped a Hertz rental car I rented in Nashville off in OKC and had Uber pick me up by the OKC airport. For some reason (won't bore you with long story) the gentleman at the Hertz drop off marked on paperwork that I did not personally drop off the rental car. This would have been a violation of TOS of my rental agreement. So I have been banned by Hertz! I DID drop off the car, and I was the only one in the vehicle. I told a Hertz rep I can even prove it because my Uber account has me picked up at OKC airport, and my CC will show other charges that day in OKC. So I sent The Hertz investigator a screen shot on my Amex that shows the uber and other charges. She has been REALLY nice and helpful, I am lucky I got this particular Hertz claims employee. Anyway when I went on uber it doesn't have that charge and that trip in my history. It doesn't have most of my trips actually, but I only care about this one. It is billed on my CC as Uber*SEP8 ANKHELP.UBER.COMCA but that I assume is because I live in and I am from California and my billing info is from there. However this ride was in OKC, and from the airport . It will prove I am telling the truth. Any ideas how I can get the particulars on this ride? I need to show Hertz I was personally at that airport. They even kept my 200+ dollars for my rental scheduled for today because I prepaid LOL. I got to airport and found out about this headache. Please help me out if you can, and if you can't I appreciate you taking the time.
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