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Discussion in 'Lyft Drivers Forum' started by Kevin Carroll, Apr 9, 2018.

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  1. Kevin Carroll

    Kevin Carroll
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    United States
    Apr 9, 2018
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    Project Title: Sharing Economy Capstone

    Student Researchers: Kevin Carroll, Quinn Avirom, Jay Little, Aerin Marquis, Monica Chang and Kate Foley

    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Gillian Oakenfull, Department of Marketing Farmer School of Business, Miami University

    If you decide to participate in this study, you will complete a short survey about air freshening sprays. This study is part of a student project conducted by the researchers as part of a marketing research course. Your participation in this study will take at most 5 minutes. The data collected will be used for academic purposes and will not be sold or shared with any commercial entity. All information you provide will be safeguarded and, if the results are published or disseminated in the future, all information will be provided anonymously and, hence, cannot be traced back to you at any later point in time. You may ask questions about the research either today or in the future. You may discontinue participation in the session at any time, without any potential penalty. Finally, there are no tangible benefits being offered to you for participating in this research. By clicking continue, you indicate that you have understood to your satisfaction the information regarding participation in the research project and agree to participate. In no way does this waive your legal rights nor release the investigators, or involved institutions from their legal and professional responsibilities. If you have further questions concerning this survey, please contact Dr. Gillian Oakenfull at oakenfg@miamioh.edu or (513) 529-1209.
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