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Targets drivers for speaking up for workers rights

Discussion in 'Lyft Drivers Forum' started by Sera Davis, Mar 23, 2017.

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  1. Sera Davis

    Sera Davis
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    New Member

    Mar 23, 2017
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    I was at the airport from 11:30am to 2:00pm 4/22/17 participating in a protest against Lyft and Uber for their unfair business practices.
    • I sent a email to Lyft requesting (Lyft lines) to be removed off my account at 1:39pm
    • At 1:49pm I received a message that I have no options and I must do Lyft lines.
    • At 3:24pm I responded by asking if I am being forced to complete Lyft lines as an independent contractor.
    • At 3:41pm my account was deactivated for false allegations of drugs or alcohol when at that point I had completed zero rides.
    • At 5:18pm my account was reactivated with no apologies.
    • Since then my account has been throttle back and I'm only getting a few ride request.
    • Today 4/23/17 7:48am I received a message that I am outside my coverage area.
    • My coverage area is San Francisco and I am currently in San Francisco.
    • At 9:51am corrected my region back to San Francisco after I was originally San Francisco since September 2016.

    My conclusion is that Lyft purposely targets drivers with intimidation and retaliation against any driver who tries to speak up for workers rights.
    I felt victimized and abused that a company can treat its partners in an abusive manner. As a Black Hispanic single mother that drives exclusively for Lyft and is solely dependent on the Lyft as my only source of income I feel that am I purposely being targeted for protesting against Lyft and Uber abuse to drivers.
  2. Frisco85132

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    New Member

    United States
    Oct 23, 2017
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    What does that have to do with anything? How does your race and gender make you "feel" anything about an issue unrelated to your race and gender? I was with you until you played the race card.
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