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uber disabled my account 2x and I prepaid almost $200 with giftcards!

Discussion in 'Uber Riders Forum' started by Angela Garcia, Dec 18, 2018.

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  1. Angela Garcia

    Angela Garcia
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    New Member

    United States
    Dec 18, 2018
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    I have a good uber rating rider account) and had been using a prepaid giftcards for over a year for rides with a back up credit card just in case.I use uber regularly in San Francisco_One day I try to open the app and it said my account was disabled! I really needed to go somewhere so I emailed uber with and got a canned reply which didnt help.
    I opened another account using a different email and added another giftcard and credit card as back up and it worked for 3 days until again it has been disabled with over $80 in my giftcard balance.I emailed them again only to get a canned response not addressing my issue.What to do next? please advise.This is beyond frustrating.
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