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Uber is doing uber in Fort Wayne

Discussion in 'Fort Wayne' started by Dreamer, Jul 3, 2015.

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  1. Dreamer

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    Staff Member

    Jan 19, 2015
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    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s been nearly two months since the ridesharing company Uber officially launched in Fort Wayne on May 7.

    In a statement, the company said the first weeks are going great.

    “Since our launch in May, we’ve seen a tremendous response from the Fort Wayne community. Hundreds of residents have signed up as driver-partners and thousands of rides have been facilitated through the Uber app. We look forward to continuing to serve the community by connecting users with a reliable and seamless ride when they need it.”

    UberX, which is what is offered in Fort Wayne, starts with a $2 base fare and then costs 20 cents per minute and/or $1.50 per mile.

    Lori Atkinson drives a cab for Ben’s Economy Taxi and was an Uber driver in her spare time for nearly a month.

    “I think competition is good for any industry,” she said.

    Atkinson said she doesn’t think her cab company’s been affected by Uber entering the market.

    “Uber pricing is similar to Ben’s,” she said.

    It’s a different story for David Souder with AAA Taxi Service. He estimates he’s lost around $200 a week in profits since Uber came into the market. A big part of that hit is on the weekend when people are leaving the bars and clubs.

    “I used to do $250 on a Friday night. If I do $75 now, I’m doing good,” Souder said.

    But, Souder and Atkinson both said it’s not fair that Uber drivers don’t have to meet the same requirements as they do to do essentially the same service.

    “We have to do everything to keep our cabs each year and these Uber drivers don’t have to do anything,” Souder said.

    Souder said he has to have a chauffeur’s license from the BMV, which you have to pass a 25-question test to get. He also has a permit from the city, which cost $55 the first time and is $25 to renew. The taxis have to be inspected by the city’s Weights and Measures Department twice a year and all cabs have to have safety road flares, first aid kits and fire extinguishers in them. Souder said Uber drivers don’t have to do any of that.

    One Uber driver told NewsChannel 15 he had to give the company his driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration to become a driver. He said the background check took about a week. Another driver also said he had a background check.

  2. Harry Flashman

    Harry Flashman
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    Staff Member

    Jun 8, 2015
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    thanks for posting this Cass.

    Its amazing, I do believe that the cabs and the chauffeur companies would be happy with uber competing on a level playing.
    Apart from meeting regulations I strongly believe that there has to be a minimum level of training to be completed by any driver who wishes to provide passenger transport dervices.
    It adds an extra level of safety to both riders and drivers and makes the drivers so much better prepared.

    When I obtained my cab licence it was a seven day training course, then ongoing tests and training from the taxi company.
    this was excellent preparation for me as I after taxis I went on to being a chauffeur driver and trainer and now have my own chauffeur company.
  3. Throckmorton Subterfuge

    Throckmorton Subterfuge
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    United States
    Jul 2, 2015
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    Does Milady run the Office or have
    completely different Work outside
    the LimoCo.?

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