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Uber's Rise Threatens Taxi Empire of Medallion Magnate Gene Freidman | Uber ... - New York...

Discussion in 'TNC News' started by TNC News, Jul 23, 2015.

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    Uber's Rise Threatens Taxi Empire of Medallion Magnate Gene Freidman | Uber ...
    New York Observer
    Taxi Club Management, the national cab company run by self-professed “King of Taxis” Gene Freidman, has been under increased duress since Uber and other ride-sharing apps diminished the value of traditional taxi medallions, as first reported by the ...
    Taxi Mogul, Filing Bankruptcy, Sees Uber-Citibank Plot - The New York TimesNew York Times
    Taxi bigwig Evgeny Freidman files for bankruptcy, blames Uber for unpaid loansNew York Daily News
    Taxi magnate claims Uber drove him to bankruptcy - MashableMashable

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