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Unable to create a rider account, "invalid last name"

Discussion in 'Uber Riders Forum' started by HTubes, Feb 4, 2018.

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  1. HTubes

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    New Member

    United States
    Feb 4, 2018
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    I have tried several times and receive the error that my last name is invalid. My last name is Tuber. I have contacted Uber help through their web site several times. I confirm my email address via their reply as requested.

    The first time I asked for help their reply was that my credit card information was incorrect. Odd reply as I never got far enough in the process to create an account never mind enter any credit card information. I tried again.

    This time they wanted a screen shot of the problem. When I replied with the screenshot I received an automated reply stating "We received this email from a different email address than the one you initially used to contact us. In order for us to address your inquiry, please contact us from that email address."

    So the software doesn't like my name and it is impossible to provide them requested information as they do not recognize the address they wrote to me at.. Luckily Lift has no such issues but I would still like to have Uber as an option.

    Anyone have any options for me?
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