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What are things coming to?

Discussion in 'Uber Drivers Forum' started by uberdriver954, Aug 1, 2016.

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  1. uberdriver954

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    United States
    Aug 1, 2016
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    At the current rate of pay and since the advent of UberPool, it is an unavoidable reality and fact that South Florida drivers will have no choice than to pull rickshaws as their vehicles become ineligible for use with Uber and Lyft. For the uninformed, this will come to pass because drivers won’t have the financial means to replace or repair their current vehicles.


    Uber and Lyft both tout that you’ll make good money. They say, no boss will be watching over your every move since you’re an independent contractor that can choose when you drive, where you go, and who you pick up. They put your litigious mind at ease by providing a $1M per occurrence commercial auto liability insurance. Given these facts and with no reason to mistrust, the average person would think that driving for Uber or Lyft would be a great way of making a living.

    Well it’s what they don’t say that gets you. They don’t tell you that the fares are so low you must dedicate 16+ hours a day to make what is considered fair money not good money. They don’t tell you that you are sharing the area with more than 9500 of your brethren, a driver fleet that far exceeds the demand so that they don’t have to pay Surge prices. They don’t tell you that you won’t have money to replace your car after driving it into the ground to scratch out a meager living. They flat out lie to you when they say you can pick-up who you want, proof of this is how drivers are ostracized when not complying with UberPool.

    They don’t say your insurance would be immediately dropped if your underwriter were to find out you are driving for profit, can anyone “say breach of contract” (Read your policy). A good attorney could easily argue that you intended to deceive the insurance company by not disclosing the type of driving you use your car for. Thus you are always at risk of having a claim denied and then blacklisted thus becoming uninsurable.

    Unappreciated by passengers and exploited by the very company that’s supposed to look after your best interest; what is there not to like, bring on that rickshaw!
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