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What is Wrong with Uber

Discussion in 'Uber Riders Forum' started by UberRider, Dec 21, 2017.

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  1. UberRider

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    United States
    Dec 21, 2017
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    I have been one of the first Uber riders back in 2013 and have close to 500 rides in a little over 4 years. For the most part, drivers have been very good, it has also been a system and concept that has worked well. I have also been a huge defender of Uber vs. Taxi, I really like it that they broke up a very corrupt system, reduced ride costs significantly and just have really innovative ride services with a slick app that let's you know exactly what is going on (where your driver is, etc). Hence I have been a fan and have promoted this as a terrific concept. I also have a rating that is 4.9, so drivers have really noticed I am great passenger, I treat them with respect and let them know they are appreciated. They really work for low pay after expenses and for the money they make, they really need to be known they are appreciated.

    Well Uber as great as a concept as they are, they are really a bizarre company with a strange culture. They have done some really weird things over the years and they push their culture on their drivers and riders. But whatever I am not going to make an issue out of their bizarre conduct, they have overcome this by just have a great concept at a great price. They have also behaved strangely when I had a complaint, such as driver clocking me a few miles after he dropped me off, they just couldn't agree to credit me until I pushed them on the brink.

    Today was the straw that broke the camel's back. In the middle of the night, I woke up and saw a message on my phone. They charged me an additional $80 and I am here, "huh what is that about." Anyway after several inquiries, I was told it was because I vandalized this person's car. I was stunned, it's not within my character to commit vandalism, I am a successful businessman in my early 50s and just don't this stuff, I have too much to risk my conducting myself so unprofessionally. I wrote to them offering to take a polygraph test and an individual by the name of Jose Mari kept egging me on, saying that he wasn't going to remove and implied I am guilty. I finally asked to speak to someone in management and it was ultimately resolved after making a huge effort and removed this $80 charge.

    But what is going on with this company, do they really want to egg on someone who is approaching 500 rides over 4 years with a 4.9 score? Are you serious? And their is no due process, just charge you $80 and literally blow you off when your are willing to take a polygraph test to prove you didn't do it. I am just thinking, maybe cheap is not worth it. Maybe it's just better to pay more, use Lyft or Flywheel and any new company that enters the marketplace. I am actually not going to use Uber eats anymore because of this and will just stick to other food deliver services.

    Uber is really on a downward spiral, stupidity and arrogance rules in that company. The good news is, people are starting switch to other ride share services as this article points out:

    If you work for Uber and reading this, you guys really need to stop your stupidity, it's really above and beyond. You are rubbing way too many people the wrong way and you are damaging your brand. You have really become the stupid company. At some point, there will be a wake up call when these newer ride share companies starting eating into your market share.
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