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Woman's Lyft Ride Turns into Nightmare!!!

Discussion in 'Lyft Riders Forum' started by pgioffre, Oct 31, 2015.

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Is the man guilty or innocent in your eyes? Do you believe Erica's story?

  1. Yes - I side with Erica this man in guilty

    0 vote(s)
  2. No - I side with the Lyft driver Erica's story is not real

    2 vote(s)
  1. pgioffre

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    Oct 6, 2015
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    CHULA VISTA, Calif. - A local woman says a ride using the popular ride-hailing app Lyft ended in a heart-stopping struggle in her home.

    On a September night, after drinking with friends in downtown San Diego, Erica ordered a ride.

    Several minutes into the ride, while sitting in the car, she asked him to pull over. She opened the door and vomited.

    She says the driver told her she'd be charged a $200 cleaning fee, but if she paid cash, it would be $100 – which she agreed to.

    Near her house in Chula Vista, she got out.

    “I jumped out of the car and said I'll be right back,” said Erica.

    Moments later, she was in her bedroom, getting some cash out of a dresser.

    “As I turned around, he was standing in front of me. I froze. I was shocked. It took my breath away,” said Erica.

    She says the man moved toward her.

    “He kept saying, ‘Just give me some love. Give me some love. It'll be free. I won't charge you,’” said Erica.

    Panicked, Erica says she pushed him away and told him to get out. She says he started rubbing her waist and backside.

    She says she ran, but he caught up with her at the couch in the living room.

    “I was pushing him away with my legs, and then he was gone,” said Erica.

    She filed a police report, and just filed a lawsuit against Lyft.

    The police investigation is still ongoing.

    A still anxious Erica believes the $1.50 Trust and Safety Fee charged by Lyft for background checks is worthless.

    “Whatever they’re doing, it’s not working. With that charge, they're telling the customer to trust them. They shouldn't be sending out the signal to trust these people they haven’t even met face-to-face. I can’t imagine why any woman would want to use Lyft, “ said her attorney Dan Gilleon.

    “I’ll never use them again. There is a sense of anger, because I trusted them,” said Erica.

    A Lyft spokesperson sent 10News this statement:

    “We take all matters involving safety extremely seriously and were deeply concerned to hear about this incident. Upon receiving this report, we immediately deactivated the driver and reached out to law enforcement to offer assistance.”

    A state bill mandating fingerprint-based background checks for ride sharing companies is expected to be introduced next year.

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    Please post your thoughts how should the courts determine guilt or innocence here? Your thoughts as this case becomes more clear.
  2. pbracing33b

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    United States
    Nov 14, 2015
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    the video doesn't show up.
  3. UL Driver SF

    UL Driver SF
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    United States
    Feb 5, 2015
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    Well....the system is pretty simple. The police will investigate it and arrest or not based on the evidence. Once you put aside all the emotional blather from her and her atty it becomes a pretty simple issue.
  4. ClevelandUberRider

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    Feb 3, 2016
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    All drivers should install two-way cam in the car. And probably should avoid bar hours if they can afford to.
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